Alejandro Soto Lacoste

 Alejandro Soto Lacoste

The passage as a multi-instrumentalist for groups of Latin American fusion music (Aranto and Sur-Gente), in addition to multiple collaborations with soloists, mark the first step of Alejandro Soto Lacoste. However, his character as a modern composer for popular music largely defined his projection over time, with a presence in the series of pieces selected from the albums Música de este side del sur in 2002 and 2004 (with “Tu vuelo inquieto” and “Entre dos dos caminos"). That is until, once settled in Germany, Soto began a solo route in 2007 with his album of author songs, Interiores, edited in 2008 and presented in Chile in 2009. In 2017 he edited his second work “Presente” presented at the prestigious German festival from World music “Rudolstadt”. In 2020 he releases his third album “Puente de luz” on digital platforms.
An early disciple of counterpoint, harmony and composition of the Chilean master Fernando Carrasco, Alejandro Soto Lacoste also learned from there the notions of Latin American popular song. At the age of 21, he joined Carrasco's group, Aranto, with whom he recorded the albums Chilenías de cielo y Tierra (1997) and Canto de mi Tierra (2005), alternating his position on keyboard, accordion and bass. He would then work as his assistant director on projects linked to the Philharmonic Orchestra. But his learning also incorporated knowledge of contemporary learned music (with the composer Pablo Aranda) and piano (with the jazz player Mario Lecaros). Soto appeared in groups led by Mauricio Redolés and Patricio Manns (with the live album América Novia Mia1999).

His new affiliations led him to join the ensemble of fusion and acoustic music Sur-Gente (2000-03) as a pianist and accordionist, to record Sur-Gente (2001). Soto continued as a keyboard collaborator with Mecánica Popular (Fata Morgana, 2003), as an arranger for Manuel García (Pánico, 2005) and, already installed in Berlin, he did so with the Chilean Nano Stern (Voy y Vuelvo, 2007, Los Espejos 2009 , La Cocecha 2013) and the group Quilapayún (Soloists 2009). His personal creations for the albums “Interiores”, “Presente” and “Puente de luz” thus conclude a long process of sessionism, composition and orchestration that crossed learned music, acoustic song, fusion and rock.




 2018 he took part in the German World Music Festival Rudolstadt with his solo project and offered duo concerts. Duet tour of the Czech Republic with singer Marta Topferova.
2017 Tour "Presente" (Alejandro Soto Lacoste Trio) through Germany Concerts in Berlin, Ueckermünde (speicher Kultur), Carwitz. Tour start "Fluss der Zeit" with the band Hasuboot under the direction of the renowned German producer Heiner Lürig.
2016 tour with solo album "Presente" concerts in Berlin and at the Thomsdorf Song Festival. He recorded as keyboardist for the second album of the German band Hausboot "Fluss der Zeit".

2015 Tour the Tino Connection together with the German singer Tino Eisbrenner Concerts in Rostock, Dresden, Berlin.
2014 Recording and production of the album "Barfuss in kakthen" by the German singer Tino Eisbrenner and opening tour in Germany. Christmas tour through Germany with the singers Aurora Lacasa and Frank Schöbel. Concerts, among others, in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Rostock (City of Halle).

2013 European tour as a pianist in the band of the singer-songwriter Nano Stern. Concerts in London, Womad UK, Festival Urkult Sweden, Festival Etnohisteria Slovenia. Concert and live album recording with Nano Stern at the Caupolicán Theater. Tour with the band of German singer Tino Eisbrenner. Participation together with the singer Marta Topferova at the Brno Jazz Festival (Czech Republic). He integrates himself as a teacher at the music schools in Ueckermünde and Neubrandenburg in the chairs of harmony, keyboard and composition.
2012 Australian tour as a pianist in the band of the singer-songwriter Nano Stern. Concerts at the Womadelaide Festival (Adelaide), Sydney, Melbourne. He records The Harvest for the Nano Stern production. He recorded his second solo album "Presente" in Chile in collaboration with musicians such as Nano Stern, Daniel Navarrete and Cristián Carvacho. Tour of the Czech Republic with singer Marta Topferova. Christmas tour with singer Aurora Lacasa.

2011 Australian tour as a pianist in the band of the singer-songwriter Nano Stern. Concerts include the Port Fairy Folk Festival, The Basement (Sydney), the Brunswick Music Festival (Melbourne). He recorded "Las torres de sal" for the production of Nano Stern. Beginning of cooperation with the Czech singer Marta Topferova, concerts in Prague (Jazzdock) and Carlo Vivary. Christmas tour through Germany with the singers Aurora Lacasa and Frank Schöbel. Concerts in Berlin (Friedrichstadt Palast), Leipzig (Gewandhaus), Dresden, Rostock (Stadt Halle), among others.

2010 Participation with the singer Tania Miranda in a concert series on the German Hanseatic cruise of the company Hapag Lloyd through Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Polynesian islands.

2010 Played with Nano Stern at the Fusion Festival in Mecklenburg Germany
2010 Pianist and singer on the German cruise "Mein Schiff" by the Tui shipping company between January and March 2010 through the Antilles.
2009 Participated as a guest in the release of Nano Stern's album "Los Espejos" at the Teatro Oriente in Santiago, where he also presents songs from his album "Interiores".
2009 Participation in the "Music for Exile" project, carried out in Barcelona and Mallorca together with the Chilean singer-songwriter Manuel García and renowned Spanish musicians.
like María del Mar Bonet, Kepa Junquera and Javier Ruibal

2009 Recordings together with the German producer Heiner Lürig in the Madagascar studios for the HausBoot project.

2009 Recordings as a guest musician on the album "Solistas" by the Chilean group Quilapayun

In 2009 he recorded the album "Los Espejos" with Nano Stern in Chile

2008 release of his first solo album “Interiores” at Wabesaal, Berlin

In 2008, a duo recorded with the German singer Tino Eisbrenner on the album Forgotten Trail

2008 Participation with the musician Nano Stern at the folk festival in Viljandi, Estonia

2008 Composes the music for the ballet "Die Verlorenen Schritte" by the Ballet of Magdeburg, Germany
2007 Participation in the opening of the music market festival in Vic (Spain) together with Manuel García
2007 Guest musician on the Nano Stern album (secret vice 2007).
 2006 guest musician on solo album by José Miguel Marquez (Illapu group)

2006 Tour "acustik" with the German musician Tino Eisbrenner
 2005-2006 Christmas tour through Germany with singer Aurora Lacasa

2005 Participation in the recording of the album "Lebenslinien" by Aurora Lacasa (Berlin 2005)

 2005 arranger and co-producer of singer-songwriter Manuel García's debut album “Pánico” (Alerce label 2005)

2004 Musician of the album "Canto de mi Tierra" by the group Aranto (Fondart Project)

2000 assistant director and arranger for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Chile for. (Ecumenical Te Deum)
  2003 guest musician in the recording of the album "Fata Morgana" by the group "Popular Mecánica" (Sello Alerce 2003)

2003 guest musician on the recording of the album "But what aclaim I am" by singer-songwriter Eduardo Yánez (Fondart Project 2003)

2003 Winner of the S.C.D Music This Side of the South Competition,
with the song "Entre dos caminos"

2002 Copyist and transcriptionist for the concert of the group "Illapu" with the Chilean Philharmonic Orchestra

2001 Winner of the S.C.D Music This Side of the South competition,
   with the song "Tu vuelo inquieto"

2000 – 2003 Member of the group Sur-Gente Start of the production "Surgente" (Sello Alerce 2001). Presentations in Santiago, La Serena and Puerto Montt. Finalists of the pre-selection of the Viña Festival 2003 (popular competition)

  1998 – 2001 pianist group Patricio Manns.
Tours, recitals and concerts throughout the country. (National Stadium,
Festival des Huaso de Olmué, Canto a la Pampa in Iquique, TV screenings, concerts at the Teatro Providencia, etc.)
Recording of the live album (América Novia Mía).
 1996 – 2005 Member of the Aranto Group, directed by Fernando Carrasco.
piano, accordion and vocals.
Start of the production "Misa de Chilenía".
Recording of the Fondart project 1998 "Chilenías de Cielo y Tierra".
Various presentations (Votive Temple of Maipú, Center of Montecarmelo, SCD Room).
Participation with the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Ecumenical Te Deum

1996 – 1997 keyboard player in the group Mauricio Redolés.
Presentations on TV and in various places (Maestra Vida, Cover, Universidad de la Serena, Piedra Feliz VALPO, Festival Víctor Jara).

1990 – 1995 member of the Iguarán Group
Presentations on TV and in various places.
First place in the annual Extra Young TV competition (1992).
First place metropolitan, Second national place in the "Cuenta tu Vida" competition of the Ministry of Education (1992).
Participation in the workshops of Balmaceda 1215 (1994).
Opening concert for the Inti Illimani group at the Manuel Plaza gym (1994).
1991 First place Municipal Festival of the Voice (Peñalolén).